Redfox S2,Stabalization for shooting

The emergence of WeChat make selfie more popular,content involves all aspects of life.




Now is the age of the video.Video now become the new pattern for communication and social, smartphone function becomes more simplify,suitable for people of all ages so that video gets more and more popular. Everyone has a memorable moment in life, many people have tired of the rapid pace of modern life.Work is not all of people, people should slow down and learn to appreciate life wonderful moment, record the meaningful moment to restore the life trajectory. Derived from mentality and vision of a better life.After many years, people still can review the past memories, such as wedding , newborn falls, family gatherings, friends and so on.




Video is the best witnesses of splendid life, the value of it is already beyond the record itself.It is not only a link, but also a human emotional sustenance.Video can recorde all moments in life through reduction and playback to enhance communication and contact between let each smartphone users have more use space, users can shoot whatever they want,wherever they are and more shooting angle they need.But if people shooting without Redfox S2 handheld gimbal may miss a lot of wonderful pictures because of hand shake,no matter how much effort you do images still show unsharp or not smooth.This is not about videotaping technology,it`s about videotaping environment.



Handheld gimbal is not a selfie stick,in simple terms,it`s a stabalizer for shooting.It can keep users smartphone stable even if users in a variety of dynamic environment,still can take out stable and smooth images.

With the UAV system development experience for several years,Redfox 3-Axis Handheld gimbal becomes the industry`s rising star.Advanced FOC Driver Algorithm,10hrs runtime,2-in-1 Gimbal and Powerbank,smartbuttons,RedfoxApp,One key to upfrade firmware all set in S2.



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