S2,becomes the main theme of your life

S2,becomes the main theme of your life


Redfox 3-axis handheld gimbal S2 with its exclusive innovation technology has gained many buyers` support on Taobao platform to raise public and ended successfully ,aroused the field widespread interest.



It was not surprise to get good grades because of the high technology innovation.Redfox writes FOC exclusive new algorithm on its own instead of traditional models or algorithms,to ensure that image quality is more stable.Besides,built-in lithium battery gives S2 a maximum run time of 10 hours,with the function of reverse charge it can be used as a power bank when your smartphone`s battery runs out.



Compared with the ordinary tripod,movement characteristic of the rotation can help users in the process of shooting images remains stable.


Redfox handheld gimbal has three axial image stabilization, maximum angle is 360 degrees,its suitable angle is greater than other similar products.



Face tracking and one click to upload is the key to run ahead of the same products due to its innovation,this shows that with the center of the scene product design concept accepted by users.


Excellent product comes from excellent team,the core team is made up of IBM and HUAWEI technical backbone.More than 10 technical patents to ensure that the core competitiveness of Redfox makes the adhering to the “innovation、quality、user friendly”product concept is achieved.


The Crowd funding is just the first step to success,there is still a long way to go,Redfox will continue to give users a better products and experiences.



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