S2,Full of Wonder


With the arrival of new media age,Internet communication becomes the leadership tendency.New media is powered by spread quickly and widely.


Video transmission is the inevitable trend, only words and images can`t meet peoples` need anymore.If only in words and images as a mediun,obviously can`t reach the effect of communication smoothly,but video can remedy this defect.




People must have a lot of important moment in life, such as travel ,family time,wedding and party time,etc.,Only have photos, no videos it`s not perfect yet. Redfox S2 is born for this requirement. This is not selfie stick, it’s a handheld gimbal stabilization for shooting. Simply,handheld gimbal is automatic stabilization software technology transfer to the handheld shooting equipment,so as to maintain images stability and balance.




Smartphone is one of the important tools for dissemination. But there still have problems in images quality and stability which lead to video communication effect is not ideal.




S2 comes for steady shot,it can correct hand shaking automatically.Users can shoot in a variety of position and angle, makes the shooting process fill with fun.



Advanced FOC Driver Algorithm,10 hrs runtime,2-in-1 Gimbal and Powerbank,smart buttons,Redfox App,One key to upfrade firmware all set in S2.
Smartphone + Redfox Handheld Gimbal =A steady shot quality,you are worth it!


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