The product evaluation report of S2


  1. Product brief introduction

There are two kinds of handheld gimbal currently, one is the handheld gimbal combined with smartphone, the other one is handheld gimbal and camera integration. And these two have their own benefits: The former can match smartphone, its more convenient; The latter one is more integrity. Redfox S2 is a competitor, the following is about Redfox S2.


  1. Redfox S2 packing and brief evaluation.%e5%9b%be%e7%89%87-ce-1


I have received Redfox S2, the appearance is simple, very attentively.




Packing List: Redfox handheld gimbal x 1 ; Redfox charger x 1 ; Smartphone charging cable x 1 ;Clump Weight x 1 ; Weight stuck x 2 ; Specification x 1.

The packing is compact. The box is used in high quality EVA material that can protect equipments well.



Structure specification:




It`s a soft feeling and proportion while handheld gimbal combined with smartphone.The design of handheld gimbal is similiar to the outer packing,still pure and fresh.Good texture,it may attract attention when users take out.There are 2 buttons, it`s easily to use.Mode switching by double press or long press.I will introduce how to use these 2 buttons later,now Let`s check out the detail processing.


The power switch and gimbal charging input port both at th bottom of the gimbal,this design avoids the problem of touch switch accidently in the process of shooting. As for it good or bad,it`s all to you.Because I pursue the shooting experience so this design meet my needs.




There are only 2 operation buttons to control gimbal by press in different way.The above one is button A,the below is button B.The distance between 2 buttons is moderate,it`s easy to operate.


Specific operations:

1.A quick click.Pan following mode.Locks tilt and roll axes.Camera smoothly pans to follow with the direction of the handle.

2.Double-click on the fast.Pan and tilt following mode.Locks roll axis.Camera smoothly follows the pan and tilt motion of the handle.

3.Long press about 1 second.Locking mode.Pan,roll and tilt are locked.

4.After smartphone connect with App successfully,A quick click can take a photo or start video,double press is about to switch from pgotographing page to video recording page.

5.Press Button B for 3 times can spin 360 degree.




S2 is available for 4.0-5.7 inch of your smartphone.The weight of gimbal without smartphone is only 430g,so after a long time shooting users will not have a strong sense of pain.



There are two switches on the smartphone’s card board, card buckle popup switch is on the side, press the button card will automatically pop up, place smartphone on the gimbal need to adjust the width. On the back ,you can see a lock form tag, it`s about to lock switch. The design of double insurance is good for protect users devices, no matter the skateboard, cycling, running or hiking, you don`t have to worry about the loosing problem.




If your gimbal can`t reach balance when your smartphone is properly installed, you should add appropriate counterweight to balance it. The right side of the pitch axis is a heavier groove.




There is a small hole above the pitching axis that can adjust the position of card board, until the device is in the state of balance.

The design of clump weight is to improve the images quality,but personally,I think it`s too complicated, but players who pursuit quality may like it.


On the side of the pitching axis there is a small hole, it`s the power port. Bulit-in rechargeable lithium batteries, can also use as a powerbank ,that`s cute lol




  1. Redfox S2 unique features description and parameter list

1.Face Tracking/ 360 degree Full shot

Adopted face auto-recognition and face tracking technology, can follow the moving of face automatically while connecting with Redfox App.

S2 can rotate 360 degree automatically to get a panoramic footage easily.

Show you guys my photography works, you may understand what I said!

2.Quick Buttons

Quick buttons makes it easier to switch video/photo mode and start/stop recording on the handle of S2 via Redfox App.

3.10hrs Runtime

Players always concerned about the runtime of battery.Built-in LG lithium battery, the capacity is up to 3000mAh(22.2wh/7.4V) supporting at least 10hrs runtime, which is 4 times longer than other similar products in the field.

  1. 2-in-1 Gimbal&Powerbank

With Micro USB output port, the gimbal can quickly converted into a powerbank in dormant state.

  1. Advanced FOC Driver Algorithm/Excellent Stabilization

3-axis stabilization system and advanced FOC Driver Algorithm.

  1. 3 Working Mode

Can free to control the shooting angle, roll axis is 360 degrees, pitch axis is 320 degrees and horizontal axis is 110 degrees.



  1. Share in real-time

The smartphone function of direct share which is powerful and free to use, allows each users to share their images.

Parameter List


  1. Shooting Effect

The below link is about the actual video effect by using Redfox S2. Let`s check it out.





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