Transformation! From the sky to the ground

Transformation! From the sky to the ground

With the rapid development of contemporary science and technology,users can have a variety of experience due to a lot of new product is available.For exampla,users can take photo by smartphone instead of digital camera.

Using smartphone to take photo is not just for entertainment but also for professional needs,it is the indispensable tool for recording.Sharing images or videos instantly is the trend.


Since Drone technology has improved the image quality significantly that elevated shooting convenience and fun.But because of its fancy price most people can`t afford.So domestic manufacturers aimed the market of handheld gimbal,keep trying to make it from the sky to the ground.Through handheld gimbal,users can cancle out the movements they make to keep image quality clear and steady.So far,this technology make usage scenarios and users expand constantly.


Handheld gimbal is stabilize for the mobile shooting,smartphone or action camera combine with handheld gimbal can ensure images steady.Users can feel free to control handheld gimbal,it can automatically as users adjust the phone status to keep images always stay level.


Like Wechat change the way of peoples` daily contact, handheld also change the way of peoples` daily shooting, predictably smartphone could usher in a new development. On the one hand ,as handheld gimbal gradually popular, the use of group will be more and more; On the other hand, handheld gimbal space will be extended, it can be use in more scene.


According to information, present domestic manufacturer of handheld gimbal independently less than 10,mostly in Shenzhen.Handheld gimbal industry barriers to entry is not east,it depends on the research and development capabilities and technical content creation team.



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